A True Jamaican Experience

One of my dearest friends visiting Jamaica.

    The river walk @ May Field Falls.

Family outing on my grandsons 2nd trip        to Jamaica @ May Field Falls.

   Tropical Breeze Villa, Dumpling lane. Negril, Westmoreland Jamaica W.I.   
       Karen Hill Can cell 647 383 9232    Jamaica land line 876 957 3780 

              karen@tropicalbreeze.ca          www.tropicalbreeze.ca

Kim and I on the steps @ Tropical Breeze.

My grandson on his first trip to Jamaica.

We had lots of laughs on her visit.

     The bridge @ May Field falls.

His first dip in the sparkling Caribbean sea!!

Elmina, she lives in the lane same lane as me.

  Palm trees grow really tall in Jamaica.

My sister and I taking in a Negril sunset.

At the incredible rock carving place near                                   Negril.

Another dear friend, visiting Canada from Jamaica.

     Hes a natural!! He loves the water!!

My favorite spot to take in a Negril sunset. 

​Karen Hill Biography:

   Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Karen Hill and I am the owner of Tropical Breeze Villa. I am often asked the question of how, as a Canadian woman, I own land and do business in Jamaica. The following is a brief history of myself and an explanation of how I came to be here.
       I was born in Brampton, Ontario Canada in the early sixties. From a young age I was interested in travel and experiencing different cultures. At 17 I ventured out West with a girlfriend and remained in Jasper, Alberta for the next 5 years. During that time I travelled regularly spending 9 months in Europe as well as visiting Mexico and the Caribbean. At 23 my father passed away and my first trip following his death was to Jamaica. Not having been there before, I immediately fell in love with the pulse of the island, the people and the culture. During our 5 week stay we travelled extensively from one end of the island to the other. This was the spring of 1987 and Negril was virtually undeveloped back then. This was the place above all other destinations that was calling out to me.
       Knowing I would be receiving a small inheritance, I began to envision myself possibly purchasing land and settling down in Negril.By the fall of 1987, having done much research, I arrived in Jamaica with the dream of living and doing business in a tropical paradise. Shortly after settling down in Negril I came across a piece of land that fit my criteria (undeveloped, close proximity to the beach and town centre, as well as being in my price range!).  I finalized the sale in the spring of 1988. During this time, I met Mr. Garbet Micheal Hill, the man who would become my future husband and the father of our 2 beautiful children. The next couple of years I was a stay at home mom, and devoted much time to raising our kids. “Chubby” as my husband was affectionately nicknamed, was a self employed farmer at heart, who spent his spare time enriching the property by planting an abundance of tropical fruit trees and vegetation.
       Our vision for the developing property became incorporated with my plan to do business. We saw the need for visitors to be able to experience Jamaica through a more cultural avenue than a commercial hotel.Over the next several years I dedicated much time, working and travelling between Canada and Jamaica, to facilitate the building of what is now known as Tropical Breeze Guesthouse/Villa. Unfortunately my husband was not able to see the completion of this project, as he has since passed away.
      Having come a very long way in the last several years, I continually strive to full fill the vision which originated many years ago when I first stepped foot on this beautiful island. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to experience Jamaica and all that it has to offer has to offer through your personalized stay with us. At Tropical Breeze, we look forward to having you as our guest! We will do our utmost to ensure that your visit is all that you want it to be and more!